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Komitywa creates a simple form in a world of harmony. Furniture and interiors with a timeless design with refined details, using the materials that nature gives us. We want the form to follow the function. Knowing that the man is the most important, we focus on his needs. Empathy is the foundation of design for us. Komitywa’s projects are primarily characterized by functionality, clean form and careful selection of materials.

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Komitywa’s furnitures are created to individual order using traditional craft techniques. This is accompanied by high quality and careful selection of materials such as solid wood, steel, stone and concrete. Through the participation of the client in the design process, he is sure that the product will meet all his expectations.

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The interiors of Komitywa have a timeless character. We focus on simple forms and functional solutions. We know that the most important thing is the detail and appropriate selection of materials, their interaction, application and finishing. We value natural materials, which over the years take on a character. We understand that the space that surrounds us affects our subconsciousness, acts on the senses, builds atmosphere and well-being.

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office: kałuszyńska 7/10, Warszawa
+48 604 196 646